You can boost your property’s resale value and improve its aesthetics by utilizing natural stone inside out. If your home exterior is comprised of some stonework, it can help secure your property from the extreme elements while boosting your curb appeal. Moreover, you can utilize it to make great feature walls, columns, and fireplaces. Masonry and stonework is not a recommended task to be done by DIY enthusiasts. When it is improperly performed, there’s a high chance that the installation won’t last that long, requiring you to contact a masonry contractor to have them repaired or even repaired more often. Because of that, it’s really important to select the right stone masonry contractor for you. Here’s how: 


Do your research 

You can ask your colleagues, family, and friends if they can recommend a trusted masonry company for you that they have worked with before. Moreover, you can research online and come up with a list of companies. To guarantee that they are a great company, you can check every company on your list with third-party orgs like and Better Business Bureau. 

Check their business insurance and license 

You need to be cautious of the unlicensed contractors that claim to be “handymen” that are listed on sites. As much as possible, refuse to hire a person or contractor to do any work on your house until they can offer you valid insurance and license, such as WCB coverage. Doing this can help you be protected from scammers, being responsible for accidents or damage that might take place within the job site, or getting ripped off.  

Request for estimates 

Each company has a different rate. For instance, one company may charge per stone or brick while another may provide you an estimate according to hourly rate labor plus materials. Others charge per square foot and more. That’s why you need to know how they will be charging you in the first place and what is the estimated cost for your desired project.  

Do not cheap out 

Keep in mind that the lowest estimate offered isn’t the greatest option for you all the time. Stonemasonry is an art and a skilled trade that requires years of experience and training to master. You have to guarantee that your project will be properly done right the first time and that they will be utilizing high-quality materials.  Hiring inexperienced and a cheaper contractor can just possibly lead to bad results, causing you to hire another contractor to come and repair the damages done. 

Inspect some of their works done before 

Any reliable contractor won’t have any problems to give you a list of references for their jobs before. You can contact the clients they’ve worked on before and ask them whether they are satisfied with the work and when they had a great experience while collaborating with the masonry contractors Aurora CO. You can also visit and check out how the finished product actually looks in person.